Cocoa Brownies with Browned Butter and Walnuts

Cocoa brownies with Brown Butter and Walnuts

When we had that snow day last week, I decided to make these brownies from the cover of Bon Appetit's Feb 2011 issue.  I must agree with them that these are one of the best brownies I've ever tried.  They're super easy to make and are even better the next day when they've had a chance to cool completely.  The top is perfectly crackly while the inside is still chewy.  I modified the recipe a bit by adding some instant coffee granules since I always like my chocolate to have a hint of coffee.  This cuts the sweetness of the brownies.

Cocoa brownies with Brown Butter and Walnuts

See how jagged the edges of the brownies are?  This is what happens when you're too impatient too cool the brownies completely before cutting into them.

National Wear Red Day

Chanel Rouge Fatal

I wondered why so many of the sales associates at Macy's were wearing red -- it turns out, as I learned from My Superfluities, today is"National Wear Red Day".  Luckily, I was wearing something red, Chanel's Rouge Fatal.   This is not one of my favorite reds as I find it a little bit too dark on me, but I wanted something red just to celebrate Chinese New Year yesterday as well.  So, to everyone, Happy Chinese New Year and National Wear Red Day! 

More Kate Spade goodies

I was instantly smitten when I saw this post by goldenmeans this morning, and I couldn't help but post about the exact same things!

kate spade bow bangle

This bangle would be perfect for Valentine's Day, right? Or any other red-letter day. It also comes in ring form, but I can never order rings online as my fingers are too small, so this bangle will have to do.

kate spade journal clutch

And this clutch made me gasp out loud. It's too adorable, and even has red lining inside!  Oh, Kate Spade, you always have so many things I want need!

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Chanel Dragon

jen brill photo

This photo from Into The Gloss, one of my latest favorite blogs, inspired me to paint my fingernails red! It's been a while since I've had red on my nails since I usually like to keep my fingernails bare or very neutral, but this photo, coupled with all the snow we've been getting lately, made me want to have a bright color on. What do you think?

chanel dragon

Baby, It's Cold Outside

hao pointing snow

That's DH in our shoveled driveway (yes, trust me, that was shoveled a few hours before the photo was taken, on DH's way to work), back early from work, when office hours were finally cancelled.  Compared to the last time snow was forecast for our area, this was a real doozy!  He's actually pointing to how much snow has accumulated over by our neighbor's location.  See?

winter wonderland

It stopped snowing a few days ago, but it's still so cold outside that the snow hasn't melted yet.

Rebecca Minkoff Pink MAC

Rebecca Minkoff Pink MAC

I haven't done a bag post in a while, so I thought I should share my latest score.  Given that Pantone's color of the year for 2011 is honeysuckle pink, I thought this was appropriate.  I love Rebecca Minkoff's MAC Clutches because they're light yet still roomy enough for my essentials.  This pretty pink color pops against all the grays and blacks of winter and is so cheerful it makes me smile just looking at it.  The best part?  Getting this bag from the Rebecca Minkoff online Holiday Sale at an amazing price!  (The color is more accurate in the second photo.)



Anthropologie Soft-Structured Dress

anthro soft structured dress

I'm in love with the above dress from Anthropologie.  I saw it in store last week and the jersey material makes it look so wearable.    I'm actually very tempted to try it on, but I just know it won't look good on me while I'm pregnant.  I'm also thinking of just buying it in my regular size anyway, so I can wear it after, but that just seems silly.  What to do, what to do...