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Salty Mango Oatmeal Cookies
The last batch of cookies I made when I was in the mood was a couple of weeks ago.  I'd seen an episode of Recipe for Success on the Food Network that had featured Salty Oatmeal Cookies and it intrigued me.  Coincidentally, another food blog had posted a recipe for something similar.   I followed the recipe to the letter except for substituting dried mangoes for the raisins.  Oh, and I didn't make my cookies quite as huge as the recipe called for. I'd learned my lesson from the first time I made these since bg cookies means less cookies produced, right?  I wanted more cookies since these disappeared really fast the last time i made them,and I figured making them smaller would trick people (and me!) into thinking they were eating more than they actually were. (Diet tip!)  Heh-heh.

Anyway, refrigerating the dough was a key step in ensuring that these cookies didn't come out all flat.  And the rice flour kept the cookies chewy even after a few days.  The dried mangoes added a totally different dimension to these cookies since I'm so used to eating oatmeal cookies with raisins.  I also had a hard time sprinkling the rock salt on the cookies since it was all random and the salt kept falling off the still cold spoonfuls of dough on the cookie sheet, but of course this was the key ingredient in making this cookie taste so different.  The little bits of salt on the cookie made them addicting in a weird way. Probably because it balanced the sweetness of the cookie.

I sent 12 pieces to starbuck86 and she finished them in less than a day!  And this is despite her stating a preference for the Double Chocolate Chunk Cappuccino Cookies I'd sent her earlier.

Salty Oatmeal Mango Cookies

Who would have thought adding salt on top of cookies would make such a delicious difference?

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OMG. Can you be my best friend temporary replacement. hahahaha.

those look sooooo goood. btw, i'm freezing!

Haha, sure! And yah, it's been really vold these past few days. Thank goodness for a sunny outlook for the weekend. It's supposed to be spring already, damnit! :)

wahahaha yep i like the cap cookies better but these ones were really good and what can I do?! I was studying for my finals! I eat lots while Im studying and eat even more after all the studying hahaha
correction: ate all twelve in less than one morning! :)) so diet tip doesnt work coz im eating the same amount of cookies :D
awww headache sucks! hope u feel better soon! sleep all day and wake up puffy faced! :D

In less than onemorning??? Really???? And I didn't wake up puffy-faced, evil girl! :D

i didnt say u woke up puffy faced!! I said that's what will happen if u sleep too long coz that's what u told me before!

hey! I want some too.. yup the slat on top makes it really yummy...

It was yummier this time! Can you believe your achi ate 12 in one morning??? Nonstop! HahaQ

yup yup its fairly easy to do especially if they are small and yummy and addicting.. :D but I think I would prefer the choco fudge thing

Who would have thought adding salt on top of cookies would make such a delicious difference?

Food Network, apparently.

Re: Who would have thought adding salt on top of cookies would make such a delicious difference?

Rhetorical question.

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